JOYCE SIMS TRIBUTE Mix - Come in To My Life | Freestyle, 1980's Funk | SOUL OF SYDNEY 393

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A tribute to 1980's Funk and R&B singer JOYCE SIMS who sadly passed away last month aged 63. An hour-long homage of hand-picked classic jams from one of the finest voices of 1980's funk, R&B and Freestyle scenes. Joyce is most well known for her single Come Into My Life, which reached the top 10 in the US Billboard R&B Chart, and UK Singles Chart in 1987. She went onto release several more tracks in the following years, such as Lifetime Love, Walk Away and Looking For a Love. We hope you enjoy this mix remembering the music of the late JOYCE SIMS. - SOUL OF SYDNEY Mix 393 // Tracklist 1. Joyce Sims – Don’t Let This Feeling die 2. Joyce Sims – it wasn’t easy 3. Joyce Sims – come into my life 4. Joyce Sims – come into my life (remix) 5. Joyce Sims – who’s crying now (club mix) 6. Joyce Sims – who’s crying now (radio mix) 7. Joyce Sims – all about love 8. Joyce Sims – crazy love 9. Joyce Sims – walk away 10. Joyce Sims – lifetime love 11. Joyce Sims – I surrender 12. Joyces Sims- all and all 13. Joyce sims – looking for a love (club version) 14. Joyce sims – here we go again 15. Joyce sims – I love you more 16. #JoyceSims – walk away (house club mix) 17. Joyce sims – take caution with my heart (basement rock mix)

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