Episode 43: The Toadies' Mark Reznicek Talks Rubberneck 25th Anniversary Tour, New EP 'Damn You All To Hell', and More

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The Toadies have been a Texas music staple ever since the hit the scene in 1989, with their unique mix of alternative rock with a Southern twist. They broke through to the masses with 1994's 'Rubberneck', thanks to hits like 'I Come From The Water', 'Tyler' and 'Possum Kingdom'.

Now the group are hitting the road for that album's 25th anniversary. In addition, they've also just released 'Damn You All To Hell,' a four song EP of new material, including a cover of David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision.' In this week's episode I talk to Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek about the highlights of celebrating 'Rubberneck' on the road, his memories of making the album and the DFW alternative music scene of the 90s, the band’s new EP (and why they chose a Bowie cover), future plans, and much more.

So check out the interview, and stick around afterwards when I’ll be playing a track off the new EP. And you can get concert tickets and purchase the EP via the group's official website: thetoadies.com

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