The Favorites - The "Toughest" Part of Betting

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Today's guest is Steve Magness, a performance expert, coach and author of the new book "Do Hard Things."

He's coached some of the top distance runners in the world, and literally wrote the book on the subject. But his newest book asks its readers to re-think how they perceive the prevailing model of toughness and its mentality of fear, false bravado, and hiding weakness.

Sports betting is famously an environment filled with false bravado and weakness hiding as strength. It is a pursuit loaded with mental pitfalls some never overcome. That's why Action Network hosts Chad Millman and Simon Hunter dig deep with Steve to learn the lessons in his book, and draw parallels between mentally coaching yourself to outcomes and the sometimes nauseating pursuit of sports betting success.

As Steve writes, “real toughness is experiencing discomfort or distress, leaning in, paying attention, and creating space to take thoughtful action. It’s navigating discomfort to make the best decision you can.” #Herd

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