Episode 44: Under Fire “Burn it, Break it, Blow it up”

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Under Fire is less than a month away. Kevin got a chance to sit down with Paul Siebert of Texas A&M to discuss what attendees should expect. They talk about the shark tank style pitches that will happen on day one. On day two the ten companies that advance will have a chance to “burn it, break it, blow it up” at Disaster city.

TEEX PDC’s Under Fire is a two-day event. Twenty companies will present their new technology in the form of a shark tank pitch. The ten best pitches will advance to the second day, where they will demonstrate their technology at the Disaster City. The innovations that are judged best will win cash prizes.

First Responders who attend Under Fire will have a chance to watch the first day of pitches. The following day they will get to observe the technology in use the next day at Disaster City. In addition, attendees will be able to go to talks and workshops hosted by the sponsors of Under Fire. Nowhere else in the world will you find an event like Under Fire.

Under Fire will take place in College Station Texas, from March 7th to 8th. Under Fire is a great event and is one of the best ways for first responders to see the future tech of the public safety industry. First responders that want to attend the event can register at https://teexpdc.com/underfire/

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