Episode 43: The Digit Group Smart Cities on the Rise

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What is a smart city? It’s a city that was built using data to create an efficient, eco-friendly, and safe urban landscape. The Digit group is a U.S company based in New York City that creates designs and blueprints for these cities. Cities built using data provide a safer and more fulfilling lifestyle to its inhabitants.

To create a smart city, Digit Group puts together an in-depth analysis of publicly gathered information. This information is combined with eco-friendly technologies to produce the blueprint. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sprawling city or a cozy village every community can benefit by converting into a smart city. It can sound intimidating but smart cities are just efficient planning combined with new technology. These technologies translate to cities that are not only cleaner and more efficient but also less wasteful.

The Digit Group leaders are world leader authorities on smart cities. They have been the keynote speaker at dozens of conferences and conventions and have authored white papers and articles explaining the importance and effectiveness of designing cities. They’ve been recognized by world governments currently they sit on U.K’s All-Party Parliamentary Group and have previously been chosen to represent America in 2015 and 2017 on trade missions.

Every year new technology is introduced and adopted into cities around the world. The Digit Group knows that for these cities to be successful the fire safety standards need to be higher than ever before. The Digit group cities always bring the best solutions and meet the highest standards for fire safety. Today, our cities waste an unsustainable amount of energy. Cities need to transform into smart cities to become sustainable.

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