Episode 105: First Responder Smart Tracking (FRST) Challenge with Christopher Naum

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Hello Smart Firefighting Community!

Welcome to another episode of covering real world innovations via interviews with fire service and technology industry experts that empower YOU to develop your very own Smart Firefighting strategy! This is the 1st episode of our FRST Challenge Mini Series!

Tracking has long been a problem even though it's vital for operational safety, so innovators worldwide are working to improve first responders' lives everywhere...

In this episode:

- What is FRST Challenge?

- Why do emergency responders need 3D tracking technology?

- How can you participate in the competition?

With 46 years of experience and the reputation of a highly regarded global instructor plus national author, lecturer and fire officer, who better than to hear about the necessity of FRST Challenge other than Christopher Naum, SFPE?

Current Chief of Training for the Command Institute of the Center for Fireground Leadership and Technical Consultant/Advisor & SME to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health Firefighter Fatality Investigation Program, Naum is a leading advocate on firefighter safety, Operational Risk Modeling and Adaptive Fireground Management as well as a recognized authority on Building Construction and Fireground Operations. With a distinguishing record of accomplishments and over 20 years of experience in the Fire and Emergency Services, Architecture Engineering, Fire Protection, Industrial Safety, Behavioral Based Safety, and academia/research, Naum has been lecturing globally for over 37 years and is a former instructor with the National Fire Academy. Lastly, but certainly not least, he was a 27 year Contributing Editor with Firehouse Magazine® & Firehouse.com®.

Just like all other firefighters, Naum has witnessed how inaccurate GPS tracking aggravates operations - causing a loss of time and control - and is eager to see what developers submit for the competition. FRST Challenge exists to identify 3D tracking technology that can give first responders one-meter accuracy in an indoor setting (use cases include emergency rescue operations and survivor location within large buildings) and to provide competitors with entrepreneurial mentoring. Funded by PSCR, a total of up to $5.6 million in prizes and support funding will be distributed across all 5 phases to aid participants in purchasing materials, forming teams, and creating partnerships to develop their innovation. Prize money grows as teams advance through each phase, and several winners will ultimately be selected in Phase 5 to receive the largest cash prizes.

The application for Phase 1 is due on January 31, 2022, so email info@FRSTChallenge.com to find out how to participate!

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