WTKA Roundtable 9/30/2021: Pillow Soft Coverage

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Things discussed:

  • Why does Michigan play so scared and soft? Why are we playing off coverage versus Noah Vedral?
  • Rutgers sold out to stop the interior run game and M had no Plan B: ran Bash once (twice). RBs didn’t bounce when they had some opportunities.
  • How good is Rutgers? Good on D, terrible on O.
  • Seth: Michigan never takes Rutgers seriously. We could have just run the things they ran.
  • Cade talk: Don’t know what happened in his head. If you have to turtle because he can’t throw after a hit, put in the backup.
  • Struggles vs Power Read/Inverted Veer: No time to coach up Mullings because offense kept going three-and-out and they were right back on the field again.
  • Offense was the big issue, and the offense died because they had no plan but to push a good defense off the ball. Michigan doesn’t run a zone read correctly: they’re reading it before the snap. Zone read options messed us up on defense too.
  • Sam: Do you coach around a QB situation. Brian: Do you have to coach around your starting quarterback?
  • Can you teach McNamara to zone read please? After the snap. It has to be after the damn snap. Not asking for Denard; can you get him up to Noah Vedral level?
  • It seems ridiculous to not fix a problem you know you have until it causes a catastrophe.
  • Late shout out to Aidan Hutchinson.

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