WTKA Roundtable 10/28/2021: Hit Your Digs

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Things discussed:

  • MSU talk part 1: Didn’t expect Thorne to be good. Has a good deep ball.
  • MSU’s schedule has been pretty weak, should have lost to Nebraska.
  • RB comparison: PFF thinks you could take Walker and any other back in the country and they won’t be Corum/Haskins.
  • Can our quarterback play rise to the occasion? McNamara can’t beat MSU the way he played against Northwestern.
  • What about our offensive coordination? Hoping we looked past Northwestern, have some things planned.
  • QB talk: We’re all on team McNamara but want to see them come at this from a “what’s the hardest thing for a defense to stop” perspective. McNamara is your every down guy. McCarthy should come in at any moment and have downfield throws available as well.
  • Sam Webb makes a 5-minute pitch for Mel to go to LSU.
  • Michigan’s running game: Power is the answer. Pin & Pull returned, huzzah!
  • MSU is going to beat our cornerbacks. Is that twice or 12 times is the difference. They’ll nerf Hutchinson by getting the ball out quickly and trusting their WRs to make a play.
  • Explosion vs consistency, LFG.

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