MGoPodcast 13.0.b: The Rule of Kolesar

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56 minutes

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This episode however was recorded at Prentice 4M, on the other end of The Bridge, started by a couple of readers to have the perfect, affordable, safe, and clean living/renting/working space near campus.

1. Macdonald’s Origin Story & D-Line

starts at 1:00

Brian does not like this idea of taking the Ravens LBs coach and making him the coordinator of a defense that looks like a 5-2 in 2021. The three guys they plan to start have talent but there are a lot of walk-on names behind them.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after THE JUMP]

2. Hot Takes and Linebackers

starts at 17:08

Not as petrified as we were in spring, except Brian. Only two linebackers there are. We try to talk Brian into Nikhai Hill-Green—Seth thinks this is a good development because Barrett struggled against Wisconsin in a more linebacker-ish role. Not worried about Mullings because he was a two-year project. Colson should be fun. Josh Ross is mentioned like “He’s good, next.”

3. The Secondary

starts at 30:43

Immediately rip off the band-aid and discuss cornerbacks. Brian is the positive(!) one about Gemon Green, at least in man coverage. DJ Turner II has plausible deniability, the two 2020 cornerback recruits do not. May it be Ja’Den McBurrows to the rescue mid-season? The safeties are either the best tandem in the Big Ten, or that just because they have Dax Hill, but Seth thinks he will be in nickel role a ton this year with RJ Moten blooming at safety.

4. How it All Fits

starts at 46:45

Please remember there’s a nickel for every spread. Difference between this and Wisconsin. Can it work? It can’t be worse. Maybe it can be 2011-style weird enough to kick the other team off the field sometimes.


  • “DayLight/NightLight”—Aesop Rock
  • “Do I Wanna Know?”—Arctic Monkeys
  • “I’m Still Alive”—Cake
  • “Across 110th Street”

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