From 90s Star to Frequency Healer with Elyse G Rogers - The best kept secret the Music Industry doesn't want you to know

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Welcome to this new episode in which I'm happy to have an amazing conversation with the lovely and powerful Elyse G Rogers.

For my fellow 90s Eurodance enthusiasts here, you of course know Elyse (aka Linda Meek) from MAXX, the original Artist of hit songs such as Get Away, No More and You Can Get it, and To The Maxximum Album.

In this episode, Elyse is telling us about her amazing journey from being a born artist who became famous in the 90s to stepping even further into the embodiment of her life purpose.

Elyse indeed started working with digital healing frequencies and released not only Conscious and Healing Music through her "Love Energy" album but also through her online course titled "The Love Energy Frequency Program".

Her course is literally an energy healing program to help you launch your self-healing abilities and release embedded trauma and pain from your cells using the power of digital tones.

Elyse's motto is "Raising the planet's frequency to love through positive music".

Elyse and I teamed up for this episode to talk about the importance of healing yourself for better health, more emotional balance and mental wellness too.

You can find more about Elyse on her website: (make sure to subscribe to her newsletter for extra juicy news and goodies).
You can follow her on social media via those links:
Join Elyse's Love Energy Frequency Program here.

You can also follow Elyse as the lead singer of MAXX on the following platforms to see if MAXX will be performing in your town:
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Thank you so much Elyse for joining me!

Stay tuned for more podcast episodes and I'll see you soon!

Much love,


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