TalkCast 468 – Leukocyte? I Never Touched That Antigen!

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Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz

Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz

On tonight’s show we talk with comic creator Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz, someone who by his own admission came into comic books late in life. This did not deter him from developing a deep love and respect for the craft of comics. He has created two websites, Dark Knight Nation and Pocket Watch Press. While in his role as the writer on his comic Area 51: The Helix Project he took a comic craftsman’s approach to understanding the importance of every part of the comic creation, from penciling, coloring, inking and lettering. He was aware of what he could do best and was savvy enough to find those who could do the other parts better which included artwork by Marcello Salaza, colorist Marcio Freire and letterer Taylor Esposito.

We also got to talk about what it’s like to do your very first kickstarter and expect to show it at conventions during the time of forbidden Covid events.

Lots to talk about, lots to learn about this new series and a new author.

Enjoy the chaos

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