TalkCast 457 – I’ve Seen Smoke and I’ve seen Rain

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V.S. Holmes

V.S. Holmes

Eat your heart out James Taylor because in tonight’s episode we interview V. S. Holmes and it doesn’t involve Nel Bently. With the Nel Bentley series we see a wonderful series of sci fi stories with great characters. In this episode, we see V’s other side with Smoke and Rain and transition to see her fantasy world. Oddly enough, this is the first world she ever created and helped in no small way become the amazing writer she is today..

Her current fantasy series consists of two duologies:


  • Smoke and Rain
  • Lightning and rain


  • Madness and Gods
  • Blood and Mercy

Tonight we set the Wayback Machine to talk about those golden days of yesteryear and her very first

book in the very first series of her very first fantasy adventure. It was an interesting look back in time for everyone into how the series first developed and how it has evolved over the years AND how it will continue. Having V on the cast is proof, once again, that when you have a brilliant inventive mind, everything is possible.

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Smoke and Rain

Smoke and Rain

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