TalkCast 451 – Finishing Jigsaw Puzzles with Marc Watson

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Marc Watson

Marc Watson

If there is one thing on this show that we have come to learn, and sometimes we question learning anything, it is that authors can come from anywhere and no single path leads to becoming an author. Marc Watson is a good example of coming at it from an oblique angle. He refers to himself as an Anti-author due to his unique path of reaching this point in his career, a point which we discuss at length as his road to this point affects each word on the page.

We discuss his newest work of short stories Between Conversations which may have something to do with his larger universe of the Catching Hell duology. Each of the 9 stories in this volume are a different time and space in the universe of man. Some are epic in scale while others are very intimate, showing an amazing versatility of style. Each however, is very different, which makes this such a unique volume to read and enjoy. Kind of a “Whitman’s Sampler” of his twisted universes.

This compilation is like a bag of Bertie Botts, there is a taste there for virtually everyone, tho, the guarantee is that you will bite into one or two that may cause an unpleasant reaction….to which I will snigger and say…”too bad, that was the price of admission.”. Between Conversations becomes available in mid September.

This was great fun to read and greater fun to talk with Marc…..and we will waste no time making fun of his next work of Paranormal Mystery/Romance….so for now …let the chaos ensue.

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Between Conversations

Between Conversations

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