EP 61: Korea- The Sneezing Colossus 8/28

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This is the story of Mr Kim, a lazy father who lives in the mountains. His wife sends him away one day to find something to help feed the kids. While he is walking, he finds an ancient stone Buddha carved in the side of a mountain. Growing on top is the biggest, juiciest pear he has ever seen, but how can he get up there?

Story: W. E. Griffis (1922)

Music: 서원숙 Seo Wonsook with the song 중모리~자진모리 Creative Commons use.

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann for Sandman Stories Presents
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Cover art: "File:Leshan Buddha Statue View.JPG" by Ariel Steiner is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5"

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