EP 58: South Africa- Three Jackal Stories

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These three stories all have Jackal as a main character. Some are too short to be their own story, so I lumped them all together. The stories are: The Jackal and The Wolf; A Jackal and A Wolf; and The Lion, The Jackal, and The Man. From the book South African Folktales by James A Honey. In the first story Jackal is smart, but wolf isn't so lucky. In the second story, Jackal is just mean to wolf. In the third story, Jackal tells Lion that Man is the strongest and Lion sets out to find out.

The music is a traditional wedding dance by the Shaghoken Ensemble from Rwanda.

The podcast shout out is One Mic: Black History by Countryboi

Picture: "Jackals Drinking - South Africa" by South African Tourism is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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