Episode 36: The Misfits' Twelve Hits From Hell

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In episode seventeen of season two, the Dads go a little bit mad with the first ever Mad Dad Radio Hour. In it, they discuss the Misfits' Twelve Hits From Hell. Originally recorded in 1980, the album was soon scrapped, and parts of it were reverse Frankensteined into various EPs and singles. However, the original recordings almost saw the light of day back in 2001, and even went as far as to producing physical copies that were sent to stores, but band members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only called off production and the album was scrapped for a second time. On the project, Danzig pummels his audience's puny face with power chords and songs about ghouls, ghosts, and goth girls. Hell, (get it--hell!) it even has songs about haunted hotels, vampires, and spoOOOOOoooooky dungeons. Thus, it's a perfect album to play at Halloween.

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