Ep. 111: When History Meets Technology Meets Innovation Meets Inspiration!

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Ep. 111 When History meets technology meets innovation meets inspiration!
Some old fashioned marketing and promotion is not a bad thing!
For those of you that know me well, will know that I just love history, I love hearing about the age of innovation and anything that is architecture or Mid Century Modern related. I recently heard a great story on 99% Invisible Podcast about Sears, you know, the mega department store that became the "everything store" back in the day. For many of my listeners, perhaps you were one of the kids that got their new school clothes from Sears as a kid and the same place you can get your car serviced, or buy a refrigerator all in one trip. Well, I heard a story of when Sears was creating the big shopping experiences for American families in the early 1900's (1924 specifically)
On April 9, 1924, Sears own radio station signed on with 500 watts, with offices on the 11th floor of the Sears 14-story “skyscraper” at Homan and Artlington Street in downtown Chicago. The radio station was titled WLS, this stood for "Worlds Largest Store".
In my opinion, this is brilliant, their own station to entertain the modern American lifestyle. And if you realize, this is actually an early version of HGTV for radio listeners. (remember radio is the early entertainment before TV and Podcasts). LOL
You may be asking, what does this have to do with my art or creative business, well, I will tell you - it has a lot do do with this. By Sears creating their own radio station, they got to focus on their market, they got to sell to their customers direct, they had a voice right in your ear. Can you imaging the amount of amazing radio and commercial coverage they were able to to to get MORE business into Sears? Heck, did you know that you could even buy a home kit to build your own house from Sears back in the day? Yes , it's true!
Today's episode is a reminder and a recap of a great episode that I love where I discuss "Building your own art group" which originally aired in June of 2016. in this is a smaller version of a radio station, but the scope and the mentality is the same. Don't wait for others to take the lead, build your tribes and your networks, invite others to join you, be the leader in your tribe. Listen up to the podcast today, it will be sure to inspire you!
Referencing this awesome episode:
Episode 006 - Creating Your Own Art Group

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