Risky Business #657 -- Belarus targets refugee data

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On this week’s show Patrick Gray, Brian Krebs and Adam Boileau discuss the week’s security news, including:

  • The Contileaks latest
  • Belarus targeted refugee data. Was it behind the ICRC hack?
  • How APT41 hacked America’s livestock
  • SATCOM hack in Ukraine may bode ill for Musk
  • Much, much more

Material Security’s co-founder Ryan Noon is this week’s sponsor guest. He joins the show to talk about a few things, how the building blocks for a whole new generation of security tooling – like large-scale data crunching tech – is now just available off the shelf. He also talks us through an integration Material has done with a groovy new SOAR platform called Tines.

Links to everything we discussed – and a YouTube demo of Material’s technology – are below.

Show notes

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