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What would your life look like if you finally prioritized your health? Are you sick of not having enough energy to spend time reading your Bible? Would you love to have healthy meals prepped, ready to go for your family? Do you wish there was a simple solution to living a balanced daily life? In this podcast, you will learn about the importance of strength training, flexible food tips and biblical wisdom. My mission is to equip moms of littles to be physically strong and rooted in faith through simple fitness strategies and scripture. If you’re ready to create a healthier life and legacy, you’re in the right place! Hey there, I’m Ashley. former college athlete, Jesus follower, wife, girl mom of 3, Gym junkie and thrift store lover. I too laid down my career so I could be a SAHM. I wanted to be strong, healthy and present. At the end of the day, I wanted to feel like I touched all the important things well. If you’re ready to start prioritizing your health, discover why strength training is awesome, step into the gym without being overwhelmed, learn more about what food is the most optimal for you, build healthy grocery lists and have a community of like-minded, high achieving Christian Moms, you are in the right place! Start and stay the course to feel more energy, confidence in your body, improved mood, deeper sleep and the desire to get on the floor and play with your kiddos! Make a chocolate protein shake and head to the gym, let’s dive in! For more inspiration follow Ashley on Instagram: Contact Ashley at

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