Carl "Booger" Townley & Alfred "Goat" Brown

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Carl Townley is a retired Caddo Parish Lieutenant. Jon met Carl over a decade ago while researching and shooting a film in Shreveport, LA. Alfred "Goat" Brown is one of the most beloved, feared, and respected people in the history of the city. They both tell the story of The Bottoms, a once legendary and vibrant neighborhood known for music, wild celebration, and tragic violence. The Bottoms was ultimately wiped off the face of the earth by the federal government. Goat and the rest of the notorious Bottoms Boys were sent to decades in prison. Goat did more than 17 years of federal time and Carl was instrumental in putting him there. They sat down together, for the first time since the trial back in 1994, to talk about what really happened and how they moved forward.

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