ProCo 219: Sorry for ROFLCOPTERing - Pickled

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توسط Adam Decker, Zach Decker, and Jared Smith توسط Player FM و جامعه ما پیدا شده است - کپی رایت توسط ناشر، و نه متعلق به Player FM، و صدا به طور مستقیم از سرور های آنها پخش می شود.برای پیگیری به روز رسانی در Player FM دکمه اشتراک را بزنید، و یا فید URL را به دیگر برنامه های پادکست بچسبانید.

There's a secret to being a pop music sensation that many people don't know about. We here at the Professional Contestants, however, have cracked that code, and we are here to share it with you. I mean, sure we are also going to use it to our benefit by distracting a bunch of celebrities to win at a charity event, but you can know about it too. Lean in close now... Young. Hot. Uncle. Thank us later.

Zach thinks some of the pilgrims were alright, Jared has a great mental attitude, and Adam needs to find a young hot uncle.

Talking Points Include: Not All Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Hot Takes, Celebs Steal Our Strats, Hitting The Ball Hard, Yuncles, #MaureenWon, Lauper Copter

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