ProCo 218: The Brigham Young Experience - Game Show in My Head

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You wanna know what sets us apart? Some wildly popular and well known podcast hosts only give you one "experience." I won't say who... but OUR podcast will give you a bit of his experience, and also many more experiences. This one's got a Brigham Young Experience, a Jared Padalecki Experience, and even a Zippo The Dinosaur Experience. Take that, you unnamed American UFC color commentator, podcaster, comedian, actor, and former television presenter.

Zach thinks he can fake a street performance, Jared wants Joseph Smith to release the plates, and Adam is faster than the average human.

Talking Points Include: Bayou Boys, June Is Here, Thank You NutBall, Hot Takes on Joe Rogan, The Mormons' Fine China, You Look Fast, Street Crossing Etiquette, David Blaine's Witchcraft, Drunk People Love Magic, Jared Padalecki X Zippo

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