Powder Hounds Ski Trivia Podcast Episode 39 - While We Were on Summer Break (September 24, 2022)

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I spent the last 9 weeks in "Endless Summer mode" – waves, sunshine and sand in some surprising places. With hints of fall in the air, I’ve emerged from the salty deep by slogging through way too many unread, ski-related emails, newsletters and press releases. This episode represents my best guess at the more noteworthy ski-news-of-the-summer-weeks-ish stories and related trivia questions. Topics covered include new season pass partners, a record setting day lift ticket price, a new ski area name, capital projects, terrain expansions, and lost (but found!) ski areas. If you haven’t kept up with ski country news and updates over the summer, this episode will help fill you in. Probably. At the very least, happy puffy vest season!

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