Android App Addicts #580 – Dueling Useless App Banjo’s

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Motorola MA1 review: Wireless Android Auto on your terms
Android Auto has existed for years, and now most new vehicles support it. Some cars can even run Android Auto wirelessly—no plugging in your phone and tossing it awkwardly into a cup holder.
New Pixel Notepad could be more affordable than the Galaxy Fold
We may be getting closer to the announcement of Google’s foldable device, and the latest rumor suggests that we had the name all wrong, as the new Google Pixel Fold may be known as the Pixel Notepad. The best part is that this new foldable may also arrive with an attractive price tag.
Google is bringing Android games to Windows in 2022
Google is planning to bring Android games to Windows PCs next year. A Google Play Games app will be available in 2022, built by Google to allow games from Google Play to run on Windows laptops, tablets, and PCs.
You can now give your child (supervised) access to YouTube Music
The internet can be a daunting place for children to navigate on their own, which is why Google introduced YouTube Kids in 2015 — an app with content explicitly curated for the little guys and gals.
Google Drive flags nearly empty files for ‘copyright infringement’
Users were left startled as Google Drive’s automated detection systems flagged a nearly empty file for copyright infringement.
Google is working on a new Chromecast with Google TV, code-named Boreal
Google announced the Chromecast with Google TV alongside the Pixel 5 in September 2020, but the company is already reportedly working on a new streaming dongle due to launch later this year
VRadio – Online Radio Player & Radio Recorder
Listen to thousands of radio stations online.
Legion Network
The blockchain industry has grown incredibly over the last year, but most people still find it difficult to understand how blockchain technology can directly benefit them.
New Zealand Regions App
This simple and easy to use app displays essential data on New Zealand’s regions.
———- Sleep Cycle Tracker, Smart Alarm has partnered with SleepScore™, the world’s most advanced sleep improvement system, to provide sleep tracking technology, expert advice, smart alarms, sleep cycle analysis, personalized recommendations, and more.
History around you
Find historic places near your location and anywhere in the world.
Matrix Code – Live Wallpaper
Breathtaking Matrix Code Live Wallpaper! Hight End premium product. Most realistic Matrix code live wallpaper. You can customize everything you want. Super low battery usage!
Tempus Romanum
Tempus Romanum provides a simple tool to generate dates in latin format.
Pointz Mobility Inc.
Eat Seasonal – USA & Canada
Find out which fruit and vegetables are in seasons in the United States & Canada helping you make choices that can help reduce your environmental impact, improve your nutrition and reduce the amount you spend.
Bluetooth Commander Pro
OVERVIEW Bluetooth Commander is Bluetooth terminal app for managing low level communication between your Android smartphone and Bluetooth devices (one or multiple) such as microcontrollers, Arduino, processor boards or other Bluetooth terminals.
James Bond Locations
Ever watched a scene in a James Bond movie and wondered where it was filmed?
AutoRedial – Fast Redialing Made Easy
The app stays true to its name by automatically redialing a number upto 101 times in a maximum of 2 clicks. Last incoming/outgoing number is automatically populated! In that case you’re just 1 click away from redialing that number.


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