Nutrition for Performers

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Title: Nutrition for Performers . On this episode, Dr. Brianne Showman was interviewed. Dr. Showman has been a licensed physical therapist since 2006. Since that time, she has been helping active adults and athletes get back to peak performance and health. As ideas and theories in rehabilitation and functional movement are constantly changing, she is constantly searching for the new information in order to get you back to the activities you love as quickly (but safely) as possible. Being a CrossFitter and runner herself, she also understands the desire to want to push through the pain, not wanting to take time off, and wanting to get back to activity as soon as possible when required to take time off. She does her best to keep you active in the things you are able to do, modifying as necessary, but not taking you completely out of the gym, off the track/field, or off the road. Brianne utilizes social media on a regular basis to educate her clients and followers on things they can do in order to self-manage their issues, prevent issues from occurring, and provide nutritional tips to improve their performance, in an effort to help them to continue training and competing that the top level. . Where to listen to podcast: 1. Spotify 2. iTunes 3. Soundcloud . Show Information: . Mission: On Physiotherapy Performance Perspectives (PPP), Dr. Jenna Kantor, performer and physical therapist, interviews individuals on life and health in the performing arts. In this monthly podcast, we aim to help performing artists gain a better understanding of how their body works, how to reduce risk of injury, what Physical Therapy for performing artists entails, how to maximize performance potential, and entertain. . Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes and is not medical advice. . Website: YouTube: Facebook: Email: Host: Jenna Kantor Music: Bret Autrey vs. Ella Fitzgerald - Puttin on the Ritz (Irving Berlin & Taco) Music License:

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