Cheesehead Radio #237: No Davante, No Problem with Pete Dougherty

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The Cheesehead Radio gang is coming at you with the UNDEFEATED Green Bay Packers win over the New Orleans Saints, and we break down all the unexpected heroes that showed up in this game (as well as a few heroes we've simply grown to expect). Listen in as we break down the Packers run defense, tight ends, and talk about field and turf safety. Even better, the gang is joined by old friend of the show, Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette and USA Today. Pete has some great insight on the positives and negatives this team has shown so far, so you do not want to miss a minute! Will this good fortune continue Monday night against the Falcons? Join the Cheesehead Radio gang as we take you through all our opinions, as well as our Hot Pockets and Packer Game Predictions. Join co-hosts CD Angeli, Jersey Al Bracco, and Kelly Hodgson, celebrating the tenth anniversary of your favorite Packers podcast! Cheesehead Radio is a part of the Packers Talk family of podcasts, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow Packers Talk on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.

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