78. Little Changes Make A BIG Impact! Moms, Do This To Save Time And Money! Thank You For Sharing

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Hey Friend!

You really got to my heart this week by sharing my episode! I can't believe how many times it was listened to in such a short time! WOW! Thank YOU!!!! What a blessing you have been to me, each and every one of you that take your time to listen and share this podcast! I am so grateful for you! You are helping to impact the world, share the good news and help another struggling mama! I pray you are blessed and are able to see the impact of your blessings on the lives around you.

No matter what your roll is, you can make a big impact on someone! You can be a blessing that changes their life, and it doesn't have to cost you a penny. Just a simple prayer, a kind word or compliment, letting some one know they are seen and not invisible! Lending a helping hand! These are all very easy things we can do for others no matter where we are in life. God can use you to change the world!

If your stuff is keeping you from living the life God created you for, then you don't need any of it! Give it all to the poor and follow Him! You don't need any of it! Let it go, and be free from the burdens of clutter keeping you from your life!

I love you so very much. I am so grateful to have you here and I truly want to get to know you! Come join me in the Facebook group! Call, text, or email me!


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