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Welcome to the OCR Disrupt Podcast with Nick Day and James Ruckley.

This podcast is all about obstacle course racing (OCR). We discuss and review kit, races, OCR community fundraising, athletes, events, provide tips, advice and tackle the controversial obstacle course racing conversations. We also try and find out just who could possibly beat Jon at Obstacle Course Racing?

Expect moans, groans, whinging, whining, expletives, profanity and laughter as Nick and James attempt to tackle and debate the controversial issues that are affecting the Global OCR scene. It won't always be pretty but, the aim of the podcast is to provoke a proactive response that we hope will ultimately improve the future of obstacle course racing for everyone as addicted to it as we are.

The OCR Disrupt Podcast essentially emerged from a debate that took place following Toughest Oslo between Nick Day and James Ruckley who could not agree on which direction OCR should take it if wishes to succeed as a future sport. We subsequently decided to continue the debate and bring it to the worldwide Obstacle Course Racing audience so they too can have a voice on the important issues affecting OCR races.

We hope to provide a refreshing OCR voice and provide Obstacle Course Racing athletes and enthusiasts an entertaining show all about the world's most exciting sport... that err, isn't actually officially a sport...yet! We'll feature the top races from Tough Mudder, Spartan, Nuclear, Toughest as well as the amazing, smaller races out there that need the support of the full OCR community if we want to keep them going! We will also feature special events including the OCR European Championships, Spartan Euros, Spartan World Champs and the OCR World Championships (OCRWC).

Whether you are new to obstacle course racing or an experienced pro-OCR athlete, the OCR Disrupt Podcast is the audio place to be!

Join the OCR debate. Find out what kit the top athletes are wearing and listen to our reviews. Discover the races you simply have to try and find out who we think are good enough to actually beat Jon...

We want to include everyone in the disruptive OCR discussion so please get involved and join the debate at our OCR Disrupt Facebook Group.

Remember, we can only keep recording future episodes if we have your support - so please like, share and review this episode and encourage all of your OCR friends to do the same!

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