Ep 13 – Summer's Lease

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New Yorker Magazine Aug 23, 2021
This week Willie and Yianni discuss a wide range of topics such as the ugly world of mass incarceration, is being rational rational?, racist houses, and evil lava . Plus all the usual bits and bobs along the way. And summer's lease hath all too short a date!
0:00 Cover by Gayle Kabaker
2:53 Mail
4:46 The Talk of the Town
9:24 Dying Behind Bars by Eyal Press
21:24 A History of Alt-Milk by Henry Alford
23:16 Thinking It Through by Joshua Rothman
31:32 Cartoon by Roz Chast
32:19 Home Truth by Sam Knight
41:57 The Fire Geyser by Heidi Julavits
48:55 DL Recommends by Willie and Yianni
New Yorker Issues original artwork by Willie Page
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