Exclusive Guest: ROBERT TORBAY (Quora)

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Robert Torbay has attained the esteemed position as a leading expert of Cluster B disorders on the Quora platform. How does he stand apart from others in the field of this study?

Experts in the field typically offer polished, packaged programs at a cost to those seeking guidnace through the murky waters of narcissistic abuse recovery. Others write from a mental health perspective but not necessarily as gifted writers. And yet others write from the perspective of victims, empaths, and spokesmen due to their personal experience. Many have no training on the subject.

Robert Torbay is a unicorn in the sense that he can elucidate the internal mechanisms of Cluster B and execute it with the writing chops and gift of evocative words and imagery that convey a more visceral and authentic portrayal of the subject.

I have a special appreciation for his work because I, too, am not offering a program or anything for sale. I offer insight, well crafted words, and the gift of knowledge paired with empathy for the journey. He and I are truly unique in these ways.

Coming to us from his home in New Zealand, we are fortunate to get a glimpse behind the curtain with this enigmatic genius.

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