What Is It Like Being A Black Female Music Executive In The UAE?

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Music Industry Insights Worldwide Vol 2 - Episode 1
Tiece Edwards - Founder of Snap & Boom - Artist Development Agency
Tiéce began her music career working in artist liaison and event producer roles for a number of large-scale music events (including the iTunes Festival, London Jazz Festival and The British Summer Time Hyde Park) across the UK, and has worked with artists such as KatyPerry, Taylor Swift, Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent. Over the last 9 years, her work has become more focused on artist development, music marketing, brand partnerships, live event management and data analytics (with an active interest in music law and policy).
Since relocating to the UAE in 2013, Tiéce has continued to provide music business and artist relations services to various clients. She is now based between the UK and UAE. Dedicated together craft Tiéce successfully completed a master's in Music Business at the Berklee College of Music, graduating with a 4.0 GPA, and was the recipient of the "Music Business Outstanding Graduate Student of the year* award in 2021.As the founder of Snap & Boom-an international artist development agency Tiéce works closely with emerging talent from underrepresented communities to support their growth in the music industry, offering bespoke creative strategy, artists development, management,mentoring and music consulting services. She was recently credited as the creative producer for the first hip-hop inspired compilation album on vinyl produced in the MENA Region.
The album features artists from the Arab world. Today, Tiéce continues to
collaborate with and support local, emerging talent from around the globe.
As an advocate for creating equal opportunities in the music-sphere, Tiéce's core values are centred around representation and diversity. A professional and genuine lover of music, her mission is to help artists understand the most effective ways to navigate this busy music landscape while generating the best possible outcomes in an inclusive environment.
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