64. Astrology as a Community Constellator with Jonathan, Jaclyn, Amy, John, Bridget, and Mary

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Astrology is a medium for connecting with others. It's a community practice. It constellates us together while we remember who we are. The root of constellation means "together with the stars" - of course astrology brings us together with the stars! Tears!

In this special episode, my collaborator Jonathan Koe and I host a conversation with five beautiful humans who participated in our 2021-22 astrological learning space Charting Your Course.

We discussed:

  • What they've learned about themselves, others, and the world around them from learning
  • How applying and questioning ‘knowledge’ is as powerful as accruing it, and how it happened within a community of learners.
  • What learning astrology has taught them about cultivating themselves and others in their lives.
  • What trepidations they experienced in terms of learning together and being in a long-term learning container.
  • What they learned about being with yourself and being in community since learning astrology within the community.

A special thank you to John Beynon, Amy Lauricello, Bridget Scanlon, Mary Schuch, and Jaclyn Skeans for contributing their insights and lived wisdom. Read more about them below:

John has been reading tarot since the early ‘90s and has been intertwining astrology and tarot in his personal practice, which he often shares through his Instagram account at @the.charyot. He brings a social justice lens to his work in the intuitive arts, and he is currently interested in how the modalities of tarot and astrology support recovery for people who are liberating themselves from substance abuse disorders.

Mary describes herself as someone who is committed to showing up for the experience of belonging in a human body. Informed by her upbringing as a homeschooled pastor's kid and the eighth of eleven siblings, Mary is reclaiming her right to exploration and education. She values meditative multidisciplinary living through her practices of writing, music, art, movement, breadmaking, astrology, and being outdoors.You can find Mary @maryschuch.

Jaclyn Skeans (she/her) is an avid list maker (Virgo Rising), lover of all things magical (Pisces Sun), and always curious about how you're really doing (Scorpio Moon). Cultivating a more intimate relationship with astrology and the planets has been an ever evolving gift, one that currently has Jaclyn creating a life that inspires and excites her. In the real world you'll most likely find Jaclyn out on meandering walks with her dog, sitting in the sun, or in her sewing studio creating Astro Hoops- custom, textile creations that turn your natal chart into tangible art. Follow her @thePeachBungalow or at www.thePeachBungalow.com

Bridget Scanlon is an Aries Rising, Scorpio Sun, and Capricorn Moon living in New York.

This episode is our siren song as we constellate the community around our next learning container: Astrology as Praxis. We are lovingly calling in and nurturing our future course participants and all those for whom this exploration may be deeply shifting or liberating.

Registration will be Aug 26-28 and we begin Sept 10. Please reach out for questions or clarifications.


Podcast art by Angela George. Podcast music by Jonathan Koe.

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