163: Interview with CFP®, CEPA®, CVGA® and owner of Heritage Investors LLC., Justin Goodbread

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Business owner, award-winning financial planner, and pizza aficionado Justin Goodbread launched his first business when he was 15. From Brunswick, Georgia, he grew up running around barefoot and chasing alligators. His love for helping others with their finances evolved over time, but it began with a bet. A friend bet $5,000 Justin wouldn’t be able to pass three financial tests. With only a month to study, Justin passed the first time. That ultimately led him to become a Certified Financial Planner™ and later added Certified Value Growth Advisor®, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor to his expertise.

Justin is the owner of Financially Simple, a company that aims to help business owners manage their wealth, sell their business and prepare for retirement. Financially Simple has been featured nationally in Forbes, Fox News, NerdWallet, Yahoo! Finance and Investopedia. Justin runs the Financially Simple blog, podcast and YouTube channel. He’s been awarded Knoxville Tennessee’s 40 Under 40, Investopedia’s Top 100 Advisor, Exit Planning Institute’s Leader of the Year and more. He’s been a featured speaker for the University of Tennessee MBA Finance Department, the Exit Planning Institute, various professional workshops and more.

Justin lives on a small farm in the country with his wife and three beautiful children. He’s an avid outdoorsman who loves, farming, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and traveling. He’s also completed several half Ironman races, marathons and other endurance events.

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