MiniPC Show #128 – Automation is a future, RADXA Pushing and Raspberry Pi focusing on profits

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RADXA Zero is an Amlogic S905Y2 64bit quad-core based Mini SBC in the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi Zero, but with much, much more power. It has quad-core power with up to 4GB LPDDR4 RAM that has similar dimensions to a USB stick.
Radxa CM3 – A drop-in Raspberry Pi CM4 alternative
Radxa CM3 is a system-on-module that offers an alternative to the Raspberry Pi CM4, with the same form factor allowing it to become a drop-in replacement, but switching from a Broadcom BCM2711 processor to a Rockchip RK3566 quad-core Cortex-A55 SoC.
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Indoor Cam 2K
Manual T8400_Indoor Cam 2K_Quick Start Guide
Bullseye – the new version of Raspberry Pi OS
Every two years, Debian Linux, on which Raspberry Pi OS is based, gets a major version upgrade. Debian ‘buster’ has been the basis of Raspberry Pi OS since its release in 2019, and Debian ‘bullseye’ was released in August.
“New” old functionality with Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy)
Over the past nine years, Raspberry Pi has only ever supported a single release of the Raspberry Pi OS (formerly known as Raspbian).
Raspberry Pi is reportedly planning an IPO next year
Forward-looking: Raspberry Pi’s are incredibly popular and useful devices. They’re small, affordable, and fully-functional computers with a wide range of applications.
Thanks Microsoft for open-sourcing VS Code Server 👐
As VS Code and cloud-based, remote development continues to grow in popularity, we hope to see the server-side implementation powering GitHub Codespaces being open-sourced in the upstream repository by Microsoft.
Self-hosting your VSCode online IDE, from Raspberry Pi 4 to AWS Graviton2
Did you write your code in the browser? If so, you may properly heard about platform like AWS Cloud 9, Microsoft Visual Studio Online or GitHub Codespace.
This new Raspberry Pi-powered cluster computer is cheaper than a basic desktop
It appears the makers of the Turing Pi cluster board are preparing to ship the next version of the mini ITX motherboard that’ll hold up to four of the powerful Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4), enabling a variety of use-cases for businesses and developers.
The New Snapdragon G3x Is Tailor Made For Hand Helds and Razer Already Has One!
QUALCOMM recently announced a new CPU specifically made for handheld gaming devices known as the Snapdragon G3 X and razor made their development kit and already has a handheld for developers to test on. Personally, I think this is going to be huge for the handheld mobile gaming market and the handh
Lenovo’s rumored 17-inch ThinkBook Plus has a second screen for drawing
Lenovo’s next ThinkBook Plus might be more practical, at least if you’e a budding artist. Well-known leak purveyor Evan Blass has shared what he said is an image of a 17-inch ThinkBook Plus model. Unlike the current 13.


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