WTKA Roundtable 5/19/2022: Superfreak

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Things discussed:

  • Nick Saban is mad that the kettle can be black too.
  • Seth: This is what the party people in Russia sounded like when communism fell. When you're the beneficiary of a corrupt system, anything that rocks the boat is bad.
  • Brian: Bama will be fine; Saban always gripes then adapts. He complained that the spread offense was going to cause injuries, then he went and got a spread offense.
  • Hope for a 1950s Pac-style circular firing squad? Maybe it will change how the NCAA regulates itself.
  • Big Ten realignment/championship game? Seth makes his case for the Showcase system.
  • Moussa Diabate's athletic testing: yeah he gone. Houstan? We're starting to assume he's gone because nobody from Michigan seems to understand what's going on while he's getting mocked to Okie City.
  • Transfer portal shopping? We think a push for Pete Nance is the first move (Illinois leading but is Michigan's hat in there?). Other options.
  • Pistons at 5: Murray or Ivey?

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