WTKA Roundtable 3/3/2022: Give ’Em Credit, I Guess

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Things discussed:

  • Illinois just hit shots: not too worried about that performance.
  • What was Izzo doing? Not taking responsibility for an insane gameplan. Why did Bingham only play 9 minutes when he was holding up against Hunter?
  • Michigan went under screens. Craig: it's not drop coverage.
  • Frankie: rest of the team has to catch up to his speed too. Great D.
  • Houstan's home/road splits. His defense has come around. Needs 1st shot to go down.
  • Iowa: Good matchup for M the way Illini aren't: Moussa can play Keegan's multiple game, Hunter dominates in the post.
  • Ohio State? After Illinois game Illini fans think the officiating changed in OSU games and they lost to Maryland and Nebraska(!)
  • Craig: Never tired. Players don't get tired.
  • Getting the players back? Michigan needs to make an NIL pitch to Dickinson, and get the Tschwebe deal for Diabate. Jones is going to be 24 so when does he get his pro career going?
  • Respect for Dickinson's Christian Laettner game.
  • Hockey: Can't have mistakes against Notre Dame. They made one on Friday, refs made one on Saturday, and that's a series.

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