WTKA Roundtable 3/31/2022: Amis de la Liberté

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Things discussed:

  • Villanova game: Hunter Dickinson, hit the shots you always hit. What are you gonna do?
  • Hoops future: guys we like in the portal, Frankie was the difference between a first round exit and a Sweet 16 team.
  • Not looking good for getting back either Diabate or Dickinson, so now what? Can Jett give them the three they need? Can Bufkin grow his game dramatically over the offseason?
  • Portal is full of Just a Shooters. Michigan needs to get one. Can we be a weird lineup? What does Terrance Williams at the five look like? What does Tarris Reed look like?
  • Hockey/Frozen Four: The first one or two Quinnipiac goals were flukes but then they were controlling play. Brian is bored by the pulling the goalie conversation because the percentages don’t change that much. Denver is going to be as talented as Michigan, play like Michigan, doesn’t have the goaltending of Michigan.
  • Football invites Kaepernick to the Spring Game: The perpetual whiners whined when they put George Jewett on the team too. Any effect of an outcry is drowned out by the good it does. Wear your heart on your sleeve.
  • $42 million scoreboard? Makes a talking point but it’s just all part of the Kafkaesque hell of David Brandon: He built the scoreboards with parts that can’t be replaced, so they’re going to end up spending $42 million to keep the scoreboards functional anyways.

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