MGoRadio 7.14: The Right Direction

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The live broadcast was canceled because we had so many kid interruptions happening.

[After THE JUMP: The player and what was said]


  1. Georgia Preview: Offense (starts at 0:22)
  2. Georgia Preview: Defense (starts at 24:04)
  3. After Upon Further Review: BTC (starts at 43:23)
  4. Hockey cancelation makes everyone mad. (starts at 58:09)
Featured Musician:

Just a local artist I grew up with who used to be in a hip-hop called Athletic Mic League when we were in college together, and now goes by Mayer Hawthorne. He has an official website and everything.

  • “Mr. Blue Sky”
  • “The Ills”
  • “The Walk”

Also because Across 110th Street will get our Youtubes taken now now, the opener and outro:

  • “The Employee is Not Afraid”—Bear vs. Shark
  • “Ruska Vodka”—Motorboat

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