MGoRadio 7.10: The Responsibility Chart

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[After THE JUMP: the player and what we said]


1. Maryland preview w Alex Drain

Taulia Tagovailoa experience is he’s going to Madden QB into sacks or crazy 3rd and 9 conversions. They screen as often as they run so that’s their offense. Their defense broke the record for most guys cyan’d despite a couple of decent DEs and a good secondary because their linebackers don’t yet know what they’re doing and their DTs are just beatable.

2. Penn State After UFR

(starts at 19:06)

Cade McNamara graded out not negative in a game that had a lot of passes thrown under duress because Ryan Hayes cannot stop NFL-grade pass-rushers all by himself. Thought Haskins carried the team; they had him reading the PSU DT to see if there was a cutback lane or if they were overplaying the left side. Attacked the boundary by forcing the safeties who came into the box to be real linebackers instead of free hitters.

3. Basketball: Seton Hall Loss, UNLV Preview, wsg Matt D from Endless Motor

(starts at 33:12)

Matt from Endless Motor takes Seth’s chair (literally) to talk about the early season rotation. Short version is Houstan is really a four or a guy who guards Just a Shooters, not major scoring wings. The guy who can defend that is Diabate and we’re intrigued by the idea of using him as a weird three. Brooks is having an amazing early season and solves the question of backup guard, which means you can explore Bufkin on the wing. Devante’ Jones has to stop trying to get those steals. Add Kobe and Williams and Diabate to Dickinson and Eli and you’ve got an incredible passing team.

4. Hockey wsg Alex Drain & David Nasternak

Two identical games against Penn State: return of Beecher gives them three excellent centers and an answer for teams that want to play ‘90s hockey. Interesting to see Steve Holtz (Steve Holt!) earning a pairing with Power. We also discuss Portillo (not Porteeyo) and his highlight reel weekend, and the pocket dimension where they keep the Hughes.


Tonight’s featured musician is Russell Brower, who if you’ve ever stopped because some piece of background music in your video game, or Disney ride, or Saturday morning cartoon made you think, “Whoa—this is awesome; I wonder who composed this?” there’s a good chance it was Russell Brower. He was previously the senior audio and lead composer at Blizzard Entertainment, and before that was principle media designer and music director at Walt Disney Imagineering (the theme parks division).

He’s also worked on projects like Batman: The Animated Series and other films. If you, like me, like to use videogame music to get your flow on when working or studying, you already know what a treat it is when a Brower composition comes up in your playlist.

  • “Totems of the Grizzlemaw”—from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
  • “Heaven’s Devils”—from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • “New Tristram”—from Diablo III

And because Across 110th Street will get our Youtubes taken now now, the opener and outro:

  • “The Employee is Not Afraid”—Bear vs. Shark
  • “Ruska Vodka”—Motorboat

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