MGoPodcast 13.25: The Derrick Walton Line

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1 hour and 52 minutes

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1. Post Villanova

starts at 1:00

The shots didn’t go in. They were higher quality, and Nova was 30% from their contested threes, and that was the way Michigan could win this game but the shots didn’t go in. Also the shots didn’t go in. We run out of ways to say that.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after THE JUMP] 2. Postseason

starts at 16:48

Who’s coming back? Houstan probably. Diabate on the knife edge. Dickinson we think we can talk around to it. Both? Hnnnggh.. Johns? Eh. Who’s in the portal that Michigan can get? Then we go through next year’s playable roster.

3. Hot Takes and Hockey

starts at 48:46

Wisconsin fans must be livid at Will Smith. Brian gets his USMNT takes in, in fairness to Brady Hoke. We talk about when to pull your goalie in a game where Michigan’s goalie kept it from being 4-4 when Quinnipiac suddenly gained the momentum—some of those were flukes though. Look ahead to the Frozen Four.

4. Women’s Basketball

starts at 1:34:22

Incredible run ends the same way their Big Ten run did: without Brown for the stretch. A salute to Naz Hillmon and her generation, and what they’ve done to build this program into one that can take the next step into regular tourney threat by hanging with the elites.

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