The Brutality of Bureaucracy (ep 300)

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For the fifth instalment in our Summer '22 series, we burrow into bureaucracy, the Canadian civil service which administers every aspect of Indian life from cradle to grave via the technocratic tentacles of Indian Affairs. Featured voices this podcast include (in order of appearance): • Shiri Pasternak, Assistant Professor in Criminology at Toronto Metropolitan University and co-founder at the Yellowhead Institute • Danika Billie Littlechild, lawyer and international Indigenous rights advocate • Robert Jago, writer/entrepreneur • Peter Di Gangi, land rights researcher and analyst with Sicani Research • Russ Diabo, Kahnawá:ke Mohawk analyst, writer, and activist • Brock Pitawanakwat, Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies at York University • Ken Williams, Assistant Professor with the University of Alberta's Department of Drama

// CREDITS: Creative Commons music in this episode includes “earthwork” by Hinterheim, “Adios” by Stenifer, “Je vous ai menti” by BG du 72, as well as “The Wind” and “Ambiant Wait” by Komiku. Our opening theme is “Bad Nostalgia (Instrumental)” by Anthem of Rain; our closing theme is “Garden Tiger” by Pictures of the Floating World. This episode was hosted/produced/edited by Rick Harp; production assistance by Courteney Morin.

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