EP230 Masty o Rasty (مستی و راستی) - What's going on in Iran? w/ Jason Shams (English Episode)

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After going on the Mikhaila Peterson podcast and speaking about the Iran protests, I have received many messages from people who would like to understand what is happening a bit more. This is the very first English episode I have done on this podcast. Jason and I try to explain the situation as best as we can and fill in the gaps as to why it is important the non-Iranian world continue to monitor the current events and inform themselves as much as possible. We need to amplify the voice of Iranian women. This is THEIR moment. This is our George Floyd + Rosa Parks moment. Be our voice. #mahsaamini #mahsa_amini #OpIran #مهسا_امینی

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***مستی و راستی هیچگونه مسولیتی در برابر نظرها و عقاید مهمان‌های برنامه ندارد.***


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