Chips! The Only Ones I'll Endorse

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My friend Steve, who is the one who originally introduced me to the Essex Farm CSA that now supplies me with almost all my food, has invented a new tortilla chip that launches today!

MASA chips are made from organic corn from small New England farms. The corn is nixtimalized, which frees the niacin, makes it more digestible, and eliminates 97-100% of the mycotoxins (based on studies with aflatoxin). Then they are fried in grass-fed beef tallow!

They are full-bodied and feel nourishing, and they are the perfect saltiness. That is, I do not feel like a company has tagged me as eating a low-salt diet just because I want a healthy chip.

The bulk of your diet should be unprocessed and minimally processed foods, but there is an important place for health snacks!

Get your MASA chips today at and use the code MASTERJOHN for 10% off. I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. You will rarely ever find me promoting a chip, but this is one I endorse!

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