Guest: Glenn Richey of Auburn University on high fuel prices; Supply chain companies look to diversity; A centennial celebration

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Our guest on this week's episode is Glenn Richey, the Raymond J. Harbert Eminent Scholar and chair of the Department of Supply Chain Management at Auburn University's Harbert College of Business. We have seen the huge spike in fuel prices over the past couple of months. Are these higher prices here to stay? What has caused the price surges and is there anything that can be done by government and industry to ease the pain at the pump for trucking companies and the shippers that must pay higher fuel surcharges?
Greater diversity in workforces is gaining more attention as part of the social justice efforts of many companies. But beyond that, diversity expands a company's capabilities and can bring in fresh ideas and practices. Today we look at diversity efforts in supply chain firms and which type of companies are making an impact.
Lift truck manufacturer The Raymond Corporation marked its 100th anniversary this past week by holding a special centennial celebration at its headquarters in upstate New York. Beyond recognizing this corporate milestone, the company expressed the importance of supply chains and the work that material handling companies do to contribute to the betterment of our world.
DC Velocity's sister publication CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly offers a new podcast series called Supply Chain in the Fast Lane. Co-produced with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, this series first focuses on an eight-part look at the State of Logistics. Go to your favorite podcast platform to subscribe.
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