Guest: Dimitre Kirilov of Montway Auto Transport on driver retention; Amid rising costs shippers rethink their packaging; Walmart makes new investments in its trucking fleet.

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Our guest on this week's episode is Dimitre Kirilov, president of consumer services for Montway Auto Transport. A shortage of qualified drivers has been a reality for years in the trucking industry. With the low unemployment rate, it does not appear that the tight market for drivers will get any better. Our guest talks about what trucking firms need to do to attract new drivers and to retain the drivers they have.
With rising costs for packaging supplies and the lack of availability for many packaging products, many shippers are making changes. Some of the changes involve diversifying their supplier base. Others involve changing the types of packaging they are using. A new survey report reveals the details.
Rising fuel prices and other increasing costs are placing pressure on companies to be more efficient in their transportation operations. Major retailers are increasingly using technology to help them to better manage their transportation, including technologies for their private fleets. We report on one such investment in technology that Walmart has recently made and what benefits this technology is expected to have on the retailer's operations.
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