EP 164 — Paul Chek: Creating Real Health

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Are you struggling with becoming healthier and whole in your life and your relationships?

Paul shares how you can create real health in your life by having a clear dream, doing the shadow work to begin the process of healing, following his tried-and-true five program design factors, really understanding the three optimal choices you must make all the time and so much more in this very special Living 4D podcast.

Show Notes

  • Why it’s not wise to work on healing a family member. (7:34)
  • Where does one love come from? (11:34)
  • How to achieve smart goal setting. (25:53)
  • Shadow work: How to heal your story gap. (34:59)
  • What’s your core complaint? (50:09)
  • Shadow work and marriage. (1:00:52)
  • Heal your shadow by switching from judgment mode to observation mode. (1:10:11)
  • Does free will exist? (1:16:07)
  • Paul shares an ancient Chinese creation myth. (1:27:24)
  • The magical experience of living in balance. (1:39:56)
  • The positive applications for doing nothing. (1:47:49)
  • Transform your life by following these five program design factors. (1:55:14)


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