I Survived Cancer, Woke Up From a Coma, and Beat Death with Matt Ode

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I Survived Cancer, Woke Up From a Coma, and Beat Death with Matt Ode is quite the story.

Are you ready for some inspiration? This is a story of a relentless pursuit to stay alive and overcome the invisible enemy of cancer. At the age of 25, Matt was hospitalized in the Cleveland Clinic ICU for 53 days, forcing him into a 2 week coma. He suffered complete kidney and liver failure, went into cardiac arrest, had an open abdominal wound from hip to hip and whittled down from a healthy 185 lbs to 110 lbs.
Due in large part to his health and fitness background as a personal trainer, a strong mindset, faith, and amazing support system, he is now weighing in at 200 lbs and cancer free. Matt is not only a survivor, he is on a mission to share his story to help individuals overcome adversity in their lives, discover their purpose and give them the courage and tools to go out and conquer their dreams.

Matt can be found https://mattodespeaks.com/



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