Red Amauti Project, Family of Joey Jenkins, and The Two Waynes

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Pfizer and BioNTech are ready to ask for authorization for their COVID-19 vaccine to give children 5 to 11. We look at how soon this could be coming to Canada when we speak with Pediatric Infectious disease specialist Dr. Anna Banerji. We hear from the family of missing fisherman Joey Jenkins as the search for Joey and Marc Russell continues. We speak with Joey's mother Joan, and his girlfriend Nikki Greeley. We revisit a story from our archives to remember elder Ken Mesher, who passed away this week. Intimate partner violence is a challenging subject to discuss but crucial for those in abusive situations, and the Mokami Status of Women Council wants to help. MSWC Executive Director Stacey Hoffe joins us. Pauktuutit has selected sewists to take part in their Red Amauti project, and Heather Angnatok of Nain was selected to represent Nunatsiavut. We speak with her about the project today. It's Friday, so that means we're hanging with the Waynes to hear their film and book selections for the week. Finally, we chat with the band Partner before their show at the Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay this week.

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