Is Halo Infinite Xbox's Comeback Story? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.06.21

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Blessing and Tim kick off this week with a HUGE news day. Let's talk about Halo Infinite reviews, Spider-Man and The Rock coming to Fortnite, The Matrix Unreal Engine 5 demo and more!

Time Stamps -

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00:05:00 - Housekeeping

A new episode of Gamescast went up this morning and it is our Halo Infinite Campaign Review featuring Tim, Mike, Andy, and Parris. You can catch all their thoughts on and podcast services around the globe.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL FOR HALO: Xcast is also up right now and that’s the crew talking more about Halo Infinite multiplayer and the fixes that the game needs.

On the PlayStation side of things: PS I Love You XOXO is going up a day later. We’re recording tomorrow and that episode will be up for everyone on Wednesday so write in with your questions and thoughts. Topic of the show will likely be about the rumored Project Spartacus.

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The Roper Report -

00:06:25 - Halo: Infinite Review Round Up

00:11:10 - Is this the greatest comeback in video game history? - Best Friends Q:Damon Cashman

00:21:18 - Halo Infinite’s adding three More PvP modes before the end of the year - George Yang @ IGN

00:27:21 - Fortnite Chapter 3 includes a new island, The Rock, Spider-Man, and more - Andrew Webster @ The Verge

00:33:39 - Ad

00:35:49 - The Matrix Awakens is ‘an Unreal Engine 5 experience’ has been revealed - Ryan Gilliam @ Polygon

00:39:20 - Call Of Duty: Warzone Devs Stage Walkout Over Layoffs - Ethan Gach @ Kotaku

00:43:03 - Activision-Blizzard won’t be part of Game Awards - Emma Roth @ The Verge

00:46:50 - Crash Bandicoot’s Toys For Bob could be hiring for a non-Call of Duty project - Jordan Middler @ VGC

00:49:40 - Out today

Reader mail -

00:55:07 - If you could have a crossover between any Xbox first party game and any PlayStation first party game which games would you pick? - Michael Cardenas

00:58:32 - Squad Up:Clint(Xbox) - ClintGilmore

00:58:48 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Tam and Gary Whitta

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