"You're Not Just A Carpet Cleaner, You Are A Plumber, Electrician, Salesman and Chemist"

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Shawn Bisaillon has had quite a journey in the professional cleaning and restoration industry! Starting at age 18, for some 30 years has had several different views of industry roles from cleaning technician to manufacturer and many things in between.

Shawn is most recognizable in his role as an IICRC Instructor, training thousands of technicians over the years with a level of passion and energy that always keeps students entertained and engaged.

He continues to be at the helm of his own cleaning and restoration firm in Colorado today. Shawn works with large commercial clients all across the world and has worked with Shaw Total Care as both a trainer and consultant for many different types of flooring and the associated maintenance challenges.

He has a wide range of experiences within the professional cleaning and restoration industry and has received awards for his outstanding humanitarian work within his community and our industry.

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